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IBIZA JUICE - Peach Daiquiri

IBIZA JUICE - Peach Daiquiri

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Introducing the new Ibiza Juice Peach Daiquiri Pre Workout Drink – the perfect mix for an exotic taste of the island that will make your taste buds burst with mouth-watering flavours.

This powerful pre-workout drink is a unique blend of island flavours that feature peaches, oranges and mangoes to give you a refreshing and energising experience.

Enjoy the tantalising taste of Ibiza Juice Peach Daiquiri and feel the power of this delicious mix. With its potent combination, the Peach Daiquiri will provide you with the energy and focus you need to make the most of your workout. Get ready to experience an intense burst of flavour with Ibiza Juice Peach Daiquiri.

(480g/40 servings)

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